Downloading the Graphtec Studio 2 for Windows OS

This software is application software for creating original design on the Windows. It sends the cutting object to the Graphtec cutting plotter, and can also control the plotter.

Software License Agreement

It is required to review the following license agreement before the software is downloaded. We will be deemed that the customer has to agree to the terms and conditions of the license agreement when the software had been downloaded by the customer. Please note that it is not possible to download or use the software if the customer does not agree to it.

Downloading Files

Ver.1.0.176 (Latest version)

Date of updated 15 Mar, 2023
Supported Products(*1)(*2) CE7000 series / FC9000 series / CE LITE-50* / CE6000 Plus series* / FC8600 series* /
FCX4000 series / FCX2000 series / FC4500 series* ( *Operation not guaranteed.)
Supported OS Windows 11 Home / Pro / Enterprise / Education
Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit edition Home / Pro / Enterprise / Education
System requirements Processor Intel Core i3 or higher
RAM 8GB or more
Install space needed 10GB or more
Video 1152 × 854 (at least), 16 bit color or more
Downloading files Software (309,592KB)
User manual GS2_Manual_CHS.pdf (5,035KB)
GS2_Manual_CHT.pdf (5,178KB)
GS2_Manual_DEU.pdf (4,681KB)
GS2_Manual_ENG.pdf (4,568KB)
GS2_Manual_ESP.pdf (4,713KB)
GS2_Manual_FRA.pdf (4,755KB)
GS2_Manual_ITA.pdf (4,729KB)
GS2_Manual_KOR.pdf (4,789KB)
GS2_Manual_PRT.pdf (4,706KB)
GS2_Manual_RUS.pdf (4,763KB)
In order to use AI files in Graphtec Studio 2, please enable the "Create PDF Compatible Files" option in Illustrator before saving.
When the AI files were saved with this option disabled, design data can not be inherit.
The firmware needs to be the following version.
• FC9000 series: version 1.28 or later
• CE7000 series: version 1.23 or later
• FCX4000 series: version 2.70 or later
• FCX2000 series: version 3.30 or later
• FC4500 series: version 2.80 or later
• FC8600 series: version 3.20 or later
• CE6000 Plus series: version 1.40 or later
The cutting conditions specified by this software will not be effective unless setting is changed on the operation panel of cutting plotter when using the following models.
  • CE6000Plus series
    Change the setting of CONDITION PRIORITY from MANUAL to PROGRAM in the TOOLS SETTING menu.

Revision History


Update: 15 Mar, 2023

  1. Fixed the problem that the output from another PC is prevented when cutting with a network connected cutting plotter.
  2. Fixed the problem that the tool carriage does not evacuate or return to the origin position after cutting.
  3. Fixed the problem that the print preview was not displayed.
  4. Fixed the problem that the print preview option was not displayed in [Preferences] menu.
  5. Fixed the problem that the mouse cannot be moved when an image file is open.
  6. Fixed the problem that the shape of object is changed from the original data when opening DXF files.
  7. Fixed to reflect the unit of line thickness to the display on the toolbar when it is changed.
  8. Fixed to reflect the unit of font size to the display on the toolbar when it is changed.
  9. Fixed the problem that incorrect values were displayed for options in [SKEW DETECTION] in the Remote Panel Utility menu.
  10. Fixed multiple bugs.


Update: 24 Feb, 2023

  1. Fixed a problem where the settings in the previous [Options] tab would be reset when the cut screen was closed and reopened.
  2. Fixed problems where the shape was recognized as black, could not be separated from other black shapes when cutting by color
    and was cut one time extra when the shape with "Fill: white" and "Line: no color" is opened in the cut screen.
  3. Fixed a problem where the mask width setting of the colored Registration Marks was not reflected.
  4. Fixed a problem where the function of [Fill Page with Duplicate] in the [Duplicate] panel still left a blank space on the screen.
  5. Fixed a problem where the cut screen could not be reopened if it was closed after changing settings in the [Tiles] tab.
  6. Fixed a problem where previews were not showed on the Data Link Server screen.
  7. Fixed multiple bugs.


Update: 9 Feb, 2023

  1. Fixed the problem that the copied result was not centered on the preview when doing matrix copy.
  2. Fixed the problem that the registration marks and barcodes being blacked out when saving as PDF.
  3. Fixed the problem that the registration marks were not saved properly as JPEG.
  4. Fixed the problem that [Fill Page] did not completely fill the page.
  5. Fixed the problem that the absorbing position dislodges when activating grid lines after drawing a figure.
  6. Fixed the problem that [Reset] in [Option] tab did not work.
  7. Added [Point], [Intersection], [Edge], [Center of Gravity], and [Guide] options to the adsorption function.
  8. Fixed multiple bugs.


Update: 18 Jan, 2023

  1. Added images to the drop-down list of [Line Type] patterns.
  2. [Selection Only] option is now available.
  3. Added progress bar to the installer.
  4. Fixed multiple bugs.


Update: 21 Dec, 2022

  1. Fixed the installation error on Korean OS.
  2. Fixed multiple bugs.


Update: 16 Dec, 2022

  1. Fixed multiple bugs.


Update: 30 Nov, 2022

  1. First release