Software License Agreement



"Software" means in whole or any part of files, data, documents that are distributed and provided from Silhouette America Inc. The copyright of this Software belongs to Aspex Reserch&Technology Ltd (2010) and is protected by the United States Copyright Law and International Treaties and other Intellectual Property Rights.


This software, the accompanying files and documents will be distributedas this is and it does not matter either expressing or implying any compensation for performance or commerciality.

All risks relating to the use of the Software are at the user and / or licensee. Silhouette America Inc disclaims any liability beyond the selling price of this product.In any case, Silhoette America Inc or its suppliers disclaims responsible for any loss of profit caused by installation of this software, incompatibility with any computer system, technical limitations of this software, use or inability of this software, or any deficiencies, Compensation for additional damage, including savings loss or other incidental or consequential loss, has been abandoned, either directly or indirectly. The preceding paragraph shall apply to the case that Silhouette America Inc has pointed out the possibility of damage.

Silhoette America Inc and its authors do not compensate that the software performance meets each user's requirements, will be compatible with the computer system in which our software is used, and that the operation of the software is unconditional and error-free . Users select the software to obtain the desired results and is responsible for the installation, use, and results obtained by the software.


Customer may not use, copy, modify, or distribute all or part of the Software except as expressly permitted in this Agreement. Customer should not reverse engineer, recompile, or disassemble the Software, including the STUDIO file format created or provided by the Software. Files in the STUDIO format created with this software may not be resold without the written permission of Silhoette America. In addition, regardless of whether there is a clear intention to use this software to use the linkage function with firmware or to imitate the method adopted by this software, You should not reverse engineer, reverse compile, or disassemble the firmware. Please refrain from deleting or altering any copyright notice. Customer may not modify or supplement this License Agreement without the written permission of Shlhoette America Inc.

Operation Right

Each user has a non-exclusive right to use the software and is limited to a single individual and up to three personally owned computers. When a group that includes multiple people uses the software, each individual member of that group must obtain the personal rights. Furthermore, it is possible to create and use an account for the purpose of acquiring additional contents in this software. Each user must have a unique account with Silhoette America. It is prohibited to share an account acquired through Shilhoette America and any subsequent additional digital content with other individuals. When individual installs any part of the software on own computer, will be regarded as user of our software.

Distribution Right

Distribution of activated or compiled code in accordance with this rules is limited to users who have registered with Silhoette America Inc for all Silhoette America products. You shall NOT to distribute copies to others a part or all of this software including source code, help files, code units, etc.

You shall NOT use this software or any part of it in competing software of our competing companies, whether directly or indirectly. Strictly,you shall NOT to incorporate this software as a code library, source code or at form of compiled code. It is prohibited to provide any technique that allow users to create, edit or incorporate any part of the Software into their personally products.

Terms of Agreement

This Agreement shall remain in effect until it is cancelled by destroying in whole or any part of Software backup copy. This Agreement shall also be canceled when the user do not make it in any circumstances. Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason, the user shall destoy all copies of the Software (including all of its component parts).

Rights and Regulations

Any other rights and regulations not conferred in this Agreement shall be retained by each country.


By installing Software, you shall be deemed to have agreed to this Agreement after reading and understanding it. Also, you are deemed to have agreed that this Agreement is entire and exclusive between you and Silhouette America Inc. Revise of this Agreement is only valid with a signiture of a representative whose duly authorised thereto by Sihouette America Inc.